Arctic Meadowsweet Flower Facial
Tonic Water
Arctic Blackcurrent Foot
and Nail Care

Arctic Sea-Buckthorn face

milk wash

Arctic Lingonberry Hand
and Nail Care


inspired by and in balance with nature

DeLaBaie Skincare is committed to formulating and creating natural skincare products to protect and perfect skin at any age.

We use only the highest levels of premium extracts from plants, fruits and flowers found in the Arctic tundra – known for their incredible age defying properties. Our natural berry seed oils and bioactive plants are the foundation of DeLaBaie’s formulations of creams, serums and oils.

Sea Buckthorn anti ageing Skincare System

A small orange berry simply bursting with wonderful skin loving ingredients, SeaBuckthorn has been used in Skincare for literally thousands of years.


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Arctic Flower Hand Scrub

A flower based fragrant sugar hand scrub that will help to minimize blemishes, soften skin and keep hands looking wonderfully silky smooth and youthful.


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Lavender Flower Foot Scrub

A seductively luxurious pampering foot scrub to revitalize and revive tired aching feet. Lavender Oil with natural sea salt acts as an effective fragrant fungicide that will help deter infection.


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Arctic Sea-Buckthorn Day Cream

Love your complexion. with Arctic Sea-Buckthorn . Enhances micro-circulation, protects against ageing and is a wonderful natural ingredient for skin regeneration and hydration.


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Arctic Sea-Buckthorn Face Milk Wash

A heavenly natural milk gel soap-less face wash, containing the powerful super fruit the Arctic Sea-buckthorn berry.


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Arctic Meadow Sweet Face Tonic

A sensuous facial tonic water containing the healing aromatic flower essence of the Arctic Meadow-sweet flower.


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Arctic Foot Repair Balm

A sumptuously super rich foot balm containing a combination of powerful healing healing benefits. Anti-inflammatory Arctic Blackcurrant Oil, soothing Arctic Oat, healing Arctic Peat and Swedish honey beeswax.


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Bilberry Seed Oil

The oil from the seeds of the lovely, blue-coloured, wild bilberry is rich in several antioxidants and skin nutrients.

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