Arctic Cloudberry Facial Home Spa


Our exclusive Facial Home Spa Pack will channel the energy of summer’s amazingly pure Arctic sunshine to your complexion

A miracle combination of super rich nutrient skin-loving ingredients.
2-3 facial spa treatments per pack

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Facial Home Spa – Arctic Cloudberry is a unique Arctic sunshine berry that can multi-task brilliantly!

A combination of super rich skin loving ingredients holds a power chest of Arctic Cloudberry  bio-actives and is something of a miracle facial  combination of super rich nutrient  spa skin-loving ingredients. .

  1. Natural detoxifying properties
  2. Effective anti-oxidants
  3. Ellagitannins containing powerful anti-ageing properties
  4. Rich in omega acids
  5. Natural Vitamin C
  6. Anti-ageing

The glowing energy of the Arctic summer brought to you in this luxurious Spa Home Treatment

The over-scheduled, sleep deprived, non-stop pace at which we function takes its toll all too rapidly on our complexion. This detoxing, relaxing and and brightening treatment polishes and re-texturises skin to reveal a luminous, youthful translucence complexion. Cooling French Clay, blending  with an AHA fruit  gel and super moisturising  Hyaluronate serum  will instantly revitalize  and plump the complexion with oxygenating pepetides that will clarify  and smooth, stressed complexions in just one treatment.

Inside the Pack

Cloudberry Milk Gel Wash; Cloudberry Gel Exfoliator; Cloudberry Clay Face Mask; Cloudberry Facial Toner;Cloudberry Face Cream

A great value  Home Facial Spa Pack enough for Two to Three generous facial treatments.

How to use

For the most effective use of this Home Spa Pack we recommended that the products are used in the following order:

  1. Cover the hair with the disposable hair mask before treatment
  2. Apply the Cloudberry Face Milk Wash to the face and neck with finger tips, avoiding the eyes, and massage gently into the skin
  3. Splash rinse with cool warm water and pat dry
  4. Apply the Cloudberry  Exfoliator to cleansed face and neck massaging gently with moist fingertipes in small circular movements, avoid the gel entering the eyes.
  5. Thoroughly splash rinse with cool warm water and pat dry
  6. Press several pumps of the Cloudberry Face Mask onto fingertips and liberally apply to the face and neck taking care to avoid the eyes
  7. Dampen cotton pads with the Cloudberry Facial Toner and place over the eye area, and relax, leaving the face mask on for 8-10 minutes.
  8. Rinse the face and neck with warm water removing all of the mask and pat dry
  9. Apply Cloudberry Facial Tonic generously to the face and neck using fresh cotton pads paying attention to the Face’s T zone
  10. Apply Arctic Cloudberry Face Cream
  11. Finally apply Arctic Cloudberry Face Cream



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