Sea Buckthorn Anti Ageing Skin Care System



Sea Buckthorn Anti Ageing Skin Care System is made from The Sea-buckthorn is a small orange berry that is simply bursting with natural skin-loving ingredients that have been used in Skincare for thousands of years.
Scientifically proven to contain super rich anti-oxidants, vitamins and youthful regenerating ingredients.

It is one of the magical treasures from the Arctic Jewel Box

Arctic SeaBuckhorn Facial Care System is a great way to introduce yourself or a friend to the amazing skin care benefits of the Arctic Wilderness



Sea Buckthorn Anti Ageing Skin Care System

  1. A unique  Arctic Sea-Buckthorn preservative-free moisturising gel-milk face wash
  2. Organic pure cotton muslin face cloth.
  3. Fragrant Facial toner containing the healing aromatice flower essence of the Arctic Meadow-Sweet flower with high  anti-oxidant bio-activity.
  4. Arctic Sea-Buckthorn Moisture Balancing Day Cream with essence of all day moisturising sodium Hyaluronate  combined with anti-ageing natural Arctic bio-actives.

SeaBuckthorn has been used in Skincare for literally thousands of years. It is naturally super rich in rare Omegas, Vitamins and anti-oxidants and has a magical quality in its ability to deter signs of ageing

How to use

We recommend that you use at least daily, preferably as a morning and night routine using a four -step process:

  1. Apply two to three pumps of Sea-Buckthorn milk gel onto the tips of the fingers, gently massage over the face and neck, avoid the gel entering into the eyes, if this should happen just rinse the eye area with plenty of clear water
  2. Splash  rinse the face and neck  with cool warm water using the  organic pure muslin cloth rinse and repeat
  3. Moisten a facial pad with the aromatic essence of Arctic Meadow-Sweet Flower Water and apply to the face and neck with upward light movements
  4. Apply  the Sea-Buckthorn daily  facial cream sparingly. Gently massage into the face and neck until the cream is lightly absorbed and the skin feels silky smooth.


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