Arctic Care for Hands and Nails


Luxurious Therapeutic Arctic Care for Hands and Nails

The combined treatment using the Alpine Exfoliator with the Arctic Hand Cream will significantly improve skin tone and minimise discoloured spotting of the hands due to a combination of Swiss botanical extracts and the essential ingredient Arctic Lingonberry Oil.

Super skin-lightening Lingonberry Oil contains  a high level of the natural anti-oxidant, Quercetin, a powerful protectant that will delay skin ageing.

Combining hand care with the Alpine Exfoliator and Cranberry Cuticle Oil will significantly improve skin tone and minimise age spots keeping hands looking youthfully beautiful

A powerfully reviving treatment for neglected hands and nails


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How to Use:

  1. Massage approximately a dessert spoonful of exfoliator into the nails and cuticles with damp fingertips, working systematically over the surface of the hands and fingers. Rinse in clear warm running water and pat dry.
  2. Pump hand cream once only- and use sparingly as the cream goes a long way. Massage into the hands and fingers taking care not to miss the back of the hands.
  3. Massage the oil into the cuticle area and the skin around the nail bed, gently sponge  excess with a paper towel. It is wise not to apply nail varnish immediately after applying the cuticle oil, preferably leave to soak in for several hours to gain maximum benefit.


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